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Eva Doesn’t Sleep

Director: Pablo Agüero
Cast: Gael García Bernal, Denis Lavant, Imanol Arias, Daniel Fanego
Argentina, Spain, France, 2015, 85’, color
Spanish with Turkish subtitles

During 1950s, the turbulent years of Argentine politics, the stories of people, the military and the revolutionaries intersect around a mummified corpse. Being not an ordinary corpse, it is capable of inflaming rebellions and it is protected with a great love, respect and devotion, only to be kidnapped by the military regime and kept away for years. This corpse belongs to the beloved first-lady of Argentina, Eva Peron. With three chapters of magical, fairytale-like narrative and an experimental direction, Eva Doesn’t Sleep’s cast includes world famous stars such as Gael García Bernal and Denis Lavant.


Past Screening
24 September Sunday
Past Screening
30 September Saturday
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