Explore the Museum with the Little Yellow Circle!

23 September 2022

Published as part of Pera Learning programs, “The Little Yellow Circle (Küçük Sarı Daire)” is a children’s book written by Tania Bahar and illustrated by Marina Rico, offering children and adults to a novel learning experience where they can share and discover together.

The Little Yellow Circle lives inside a painting, and only wishes one thing: to be noticed. One day, a little girl named Dora discovers it during a trip to a museum, thereby beginning the story of the Little Yellow Circle.

The journey of the creation of the Little Yellow Circle began in Spain. The project, originally a graduation thesis submitted to the PERMEA (Mediation and Education through Art) graduate program of Valencia University and Centre del Carme Cultura Contemporánea, was first presented on October 16-31, 2021 at Bombas Gens Centre d’Art, Valencia, with approximately 50 families participating.


The project’s starting point is to provide families with children of all ages a new museum experience and a new learning tool for discovery, reinterpreting the traditional museum visit into a creative journey independent of the content and venue of the exhibition itself. It provides an opportunity for families to experience the museum by themselves, at their own pace, and with their own dynamics, with no need for guidance from an expert or educator.

The story reminds that the way to knowledge is not through texts, but through imagination and perspective, opening the doors to a new form of museum exploration.

The Little Yellow Circle may be a journey of discovery that begins in a museum, but it is also a game idea that can be adapted to any setting and can be used for many purposes by families with children.

Have you ever taken a look around and discovered things waiting to be noticed?

Now, you can join in the fun meeting of the Little Yellow Circle and Dora, and make your own binoculars using the template at the end of the book. Or, you can use your imagination to discover novel ways of looking at your surroundings. Here are some ideas: look upside down, walk fast, or walk reaaaaaal slow...

But we are sure you will come up with even more creative ideas 😊

Who knows what wonders you will discover inside the museum that we have not noticed or taken for granted!

We are looking forward to hearing about your discoveries and stories. Remember to tag Pera Museum in your social media posts about those!


By Tania Bahar



Having penetrated the Balkans in the fourteenth century, conquered Constantinople in the fifteenth, and reached the gates of Vienna in the sixteenth, the Ottoman Empire long struck fear into European hearts. 

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