Crime and Punishment
Argentine Tales


Director: Pablo Trapero
Cast: Ricardo Darín, Martina Gusmán
Argentina, Chile, France, South Korea, 2010, 107’, renkli 
Spanish with Turkish subtitles

Every year, more than 8.000 people die in traffic accidents in Argentina. These deaths, bringing pain for many loved ones, mean only one thing for some people of the dark and corrupt system: Money. Although seeming to be a helping hand for the victims, Sosa is a lawyer specialized in traffic accidents, “a vulture” with dark connections. Lujan on the other hand, is an idealist doctor who just arrived in the city. As one tries to save lives, the other hunts for customers. And when love flares up between the two, Sosa’s dark past will be the biggest obstacle. Carancho (Vulture) was awarded Best Film by the Argentinean Film Critics Association.


Past Screening
15 September Friday
Past Screening
22 September Friday
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