A Place Called Home

The Queen of Versailles

Director: Lauren Greenfield
USA, Netherlands, UK, Denmark, 2012, 100’, color
English with Turkish subtitles

With eight children, the Siegels, a billionaire family lives the perfect American dream, with luxury and consumption. Until everything starts to go wrong… As the Siegels are busy with the construction of their new home, inspired by the Palace of Versailles and historicized as the most expensive family home in American history, renowned photographer Lauren Greenfield decides to document this process. The director, eventually depicts a grand downfall in the most realistic sense, but has no clue about the impending economic crisis that will take place during the shoot of this documentary. Amusingly, Jackie Siegel has no intention of lowering her lifestyle standards or reducing her expenditures! Witnessing history as it happens, The Queen of Versailles is an astonishing and entertaining documentary.


Past Screening
14 October Saturday
Past Screening
15 October Sunday
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