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Sergey Parajanov

Flower on the Stone

Director: Sergey Parajanov
Cast: Inna Burduchenko, Lyudmila Cherepanova, Boris Dmokhovsky, Dmitri Franko
Soviet Union, 1962, 72', b&w
Russian with Turkish subtitles

In place of the Donetsk steppe, overgrown with chamomile and feather grass, a mining town is being developed. Brigadier of the youth mine Grigory Griva is in love with Lyuda and therefore often openly sneers at her organizational skills. But when he is alone with her, he becomes timid and shy, for which he is angry with himself and makes up new pranks. The second story is connected with the appearance of Christina in the mining town, a beautiful but closed-minded girl who falls under the influence of the presbyter of the sect. Komsomol member Arsen who has fallen in love with the girl helps her leave the sect. Set in a mining town in the Donets Basin, it centers on a clash between the political establishment and a religious cult which infiltrates the community.

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