Argentina <br/>Stories from Latin America
Stories from Latin America

18 - December 28, 2013
Pera Film continues its Latin American journey with selected recent films from Argentina. Presented in collaboration with the Consulate General of Argentina in İstanbul, the selected four films produced from the last few years exemplify the ingrained rich film culture.
Colombia <br/>Stories from Latin America
Stories from Latin America

7 - December 15, 2013
Colombian cinema has constructed a discourse of identity and otherness that participates extensively in the formulation of a national imaginary through its representation of Colombian culture or segments of the culture. The selected films from different genres exemplify Colombian cinema’s new, emerging and vibrant storytelling.
Homeland and Exile<br/> Cinema of Amos Gitai
Homeland and Exile
Cinema of Amos Gitai

November 20 - December 1, 2013
Amos Gitai’s art – not just his films – has attained a profound maturity as he continues to explore themes that have accompanied his rich career as a director in other disciplines such as photography. His images oscillate between personal and collective memory.
Women on Borders<br/>Woman & Migration
Women on Borders
Woman & Migration

6 - November 17, 2013
The selected films delve into a survey of strong female characters and their stories. Some of these films explore mature women or adolescent characters torn between countries, home and exile, while other films discover the emotional shifts and journey that the female protagonist goes through.
Rebecca Horn<br/> Screening & Artist Talk
Rebecca Horn
Screening & Artist Talk

October 31, 2013
Rebecca Horn explores Horn’s most frequently recurring themes – sexuality, human vulnerability and emotional fragility – and illustrates the richness and complexity of her work. The association between sculpture and film, which continues to be a key element of her work, is fully explored throughout her works.
Cinema’s Casanova<br/> Fellini
Cinema’s Casanova

October 10 - November 9, 2013
Pera Film, in collaboration with the Italian Institute of Culture in Istanbul and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs presents nine Fellini films commemorating 20 years since his death.
I Have the Power! <br/>Hors Pistes
I Have the Power!
Hors Pistes

2 - October 12, 2013
For the sixth edition at Pera Museum, Pera Film welcomes a selection from Centre Pompidou’s Hors Pistes under the title “I Have the Power”. The program encapsulates moments of social visions and realities.
Where is My Mind?<br/> Psychiatry in Cinema
Where is My Mind?
Psychiatry in Cinema

14 - September 26, 2013
Films can portray mental illness and mental health problems in a variety of ways. Some can be used to teach medical students and psychiatric trainees about certain aspects of psychiatry: watching a film is useful when learning about mental state examination, how to reach a diagnosis, doctor-patient interactions and personality disorder.
A Farewell to Arms<br/> Stories of Civil Resistance
A Farewell to Arms
Stories of Civil Resistance

4 - September 29, 2013
The program’s title is inspired from, A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Hemingway. Just as the novel explored the beautiful and the tragic, the tender and the harsh, and the realistic, the selected films of the program examine recent stories of civil resistance – from 1985 onwards - in a corresponding poetic as well as genuine approach.
Watch That Music!<br/>Music Documentaries
Watch That Music!
Music Documentaries

May 31 - June 9, 2013
A wonderful program for music buffs, the selected films of the program capture the different genres of music and distinctive styles.
Vivre sa jeunesse
Vivre sa jeunesse
May 8 - June 23, 2013
The selection includes narrative and documentary genres, with films discovering the beautiful as well as the hardships of what it means to come of age and how one copes with life, love and, change.
Antonioni<br/>Silence as Loud as Noise
Silence as Loud as Noise

April 27 - May 25, 2013
Pera Film in collaboration with Istituto Italiano di Cultura is presenting seven films and selected shorts of Antonioni beginning from the 40s until the early 80s.
Wo-man!<br/>Isabelle Huppert
Isabelle Huppert

15 - March 31, 2013
One of the most enduring and respected actresses in French cinema, Isabelle Huppert is known for her versatile portrayals of characters ranging from the innocent to the sultry to the comic. The selected films of Isabelle Huppert: Wo-man! will give a great insight into her enticing career.
Delicious<br/>Food on Film
Food on Film

2 - March 17, 2013
The program coincides with the first event of the Bocuse d’Or organized in Turkey, a biennial of world chef championships, one of the world's most prestigious cooking competitions.
Arabian Nights<br/>A Journey into Arab Cinema
Arabian Nights
A Journey into Arab Cinema

1 - February 27, 2013
Central to the program “Arabian Nights” is homage to Egyptian director Youssef Chahine with his pivotal, groundbreaking work; Alexandria Trilogy. The program Arabian Nights promises a stunning, unique and enigmatic journey into Arab Cinema.
Experimental Stories for a New Year
Experimental Stories for a New Year
12 - January 30, 2013
The selection underlines the beauty of documentary filmmaking how the genre is capable of capturing the invisible and how the alternative, the experimental with motif, style and method create powerful imagery of stunning stories.
Mind's Eye<br/>François Caillat Documentaries
Mind's Eye
François Caillat Documentaries

11 - January 26, 2013
The program Mind's Eye explores the different themes of Caillat's oeuvre, the intricate essay-like films investigating the history, time and memory of certain incidents.