Coffee’s Just an Excuse, Cinema’s the Muse!

Coffee: Between Reality and Imagination

Directors: Maysaloun Hamoud, Elite Zexer, Murad Nassar, Eti Tsicko, Kareem Karaja, Ameer Ahmarwo, Gazi Abu Baker, Aya Somech, Eitan Sarid
Initiator and Artistic Director: Yael Perlov
Producers: Yael Perlov, Yoav Shavit
Israel-Palestine; 95’, 2010, color
English and French with Turkish subtitles

Coffee: Between Reality and Imagination is a cinematic collaboration between young Israeli and Palestinian filmmakers, who together created a series of short films, all dealing with the project title - coffee. Coffee takes part in our cultural identity, it is shared by all individuals in terms of our daily routine and pastes different people together, no matter who they are. Eight films were produced. Two documentaries and two fiction films were made by Palestinian filmmakers, and four fiction films were made by Israeli filmmakers. Each of the films gives a personal and courageous point of view on the reality in which we live in.

Project by: Tel Aviv University


Past Screening
31 January Saturday
Past Screening
01 February Sunday
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