Three-Dimensional Design: Projection of a City

Pera Adult

  • August 18, 2024 / 14:30

Participants who visit PƎRⱯ Reverse with a guide have the opportunity to rethink Istanbul through places of memory. The workshop pursues the answers to the questions “If Istanbul was as we imagine it, where would famous buildings be and how would they look?”. Participants cut paper forms into silhouettes and place them one after the other, thus designing a multi-dimensional and reconstructed Istanbul.

Instructor: Giz’li Atölye
Capacity: 12 people
Duration: 90 minutes
Fee per workshop: 300 TL  

The event will take place at the Pera Museum (face-to-face).
For more information:

Giz’li Atölye hakkında
Giz’li Atölye has been operating in Caferağa, Kadıköy since 2004, established with the cooperation of Gizem Gürsel and Sedef Kermen. Giz’li Atölye has recently turned into a collective production area by incorporating different disciplines and continues its creative activities by incorporating solidarity, diversity of ideas and communication experiences into its art practices.

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Souvenirs of the Future

Souvenirs of the Future

You try to remember the future. A bird painted on the ceramic panel in a historical palace has found its place on the wall. The tiles of a church and a mosque have been painted on canvas. The pattern of a centuries-old ceramic plate appears before you on a velvet curtain.

Reminiscences of Motifs

Reminiscences of Motifs

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