On the Beach

Mr. Hulot’s Holiday

Director: Jacques Tati
Cast: Jacques Tati, Nathalie Pascaud, Micheline Rolla, Valentine Camax
France, 1951, 88', black & white, French with Turkish subtitles
While the holidaymakers invade the Hôtel de la Plage, Hulot, fanciful and offbeat, turns up in his spluttering Salmson and, through his joyful clumsiness, he keeps disturbing the quietude of the city dwellers on holiday. In the canoe, on horseback, in the beach, in the tennis court, at the hotel’s restaurant, in a cemetery or during a picnic, Hulot links gags and disasters altogether. His own presence denounces the conventional and the seriousness. His elegant upstream crossing and a gallery of unforgettable portraits compose from this summertime in the 1950s a masterpiece of poetic burlesque.
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