Spider: Style in Photography
Artist Workshop: Cemil Batur Gökçeer

Pera Adult

  • January 10, 2020 / 19:30

We all collect dozens of photos from the venues, cities and countries that we visit, in digital format. How about making a selection of these photos that harbor our memories, and reinterpreting and editing them to form a nonverbal story?

We begin the workshop with an interpretation-oriented tour of the exhibition, highlighting the relations between the 10 photographers and their production venues, and the way they handle their subjects. The participants will interpret the photos together with the workshop director, photographer Cemil Batur Gökçeer, focusing on the artists' styles. We intend to familiarize ourselves with their use of various elements of photographic language, and the methods revealed through their works on display.

During the workshop, we will examine participants' selections of their own photographs of travel and discovery, and being in a different location -the essence of the current exhibition at Pera Museum. Through these debates on style, the participants will look at their photos under a new light and work on formulating an expressive language that they feel comfortable with. We believe that the participants may be guarding previously overlooked clues and secrets about their photos, and about their relation with the time and place that these photos belong to. By allowing participants to reflect upon different modes of expression, this workshop will constitute an exercise to help them uncover their unique style.

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Midnight Stories: COGITO <br> Tevfik Uyar

Midnight Stories: COGITO
Tevfik Uyar

He had imagined the court room as a big place. It wasn’t. It was about the size of his living room, with an elevation at one end, with a dais on it. The judges and the attorneys sat there. Below it was an old wooden rail, worn out in some places. That was his place. There was another seat for his lawyer. At the back, about 20 or 30 chairs were stowed out for the non-existent crowd.

Midnight Stories: The Red Button <br> Funda Özlem Şeran

Midnight Stories: The Red Button
Funda Özlem Şeran

It was a quiet night in the dessert. Even the mice weren’t around. A few LEDs blinked in the dark, and the sound of a fan filled the infinite void. The conversation cutting the silence seemed to go nowhere.

Midnight Stories: Hotel of Retro Dreams <br> Doğu Yücel

Midnight Stories: Hotel of Retro Dreams
Doğu Yücel

He didn’t expect this from me. And I hadn’t expected that we would decide to get married that day, at that moment. Everything happened all of a sudden, but exactly like it was supposed to happen in our day. We thought of the idea of marriage simultaneously, we smiled simultaneously, blinking and opening our eyes in unison.