I’m Here! <br> Transmissions
I’m Here!

1 - December 22, 2020

Pera Film, launched every year to raise awareness on World AIDS Day, I’m here! continues this year with Visual AIDS' Transmissions selection. The program can be watched online between 1 - 22 December on the Pera Museum’s website.

Sustainable Living Film Festival
Sustainable Living Film Festival
19 - November 22, 2020

Sustainable Living Film Festival will meet with its audience at Pera Museum on November 19-22, to hear our planet's call for change during this extraordinary period we are going through.

The Builders of Happiness <br> Albanian Cinema
The Builders of Happiness
Albanian Cinema

October 23 - November 14, 2020

In its new program, Pera Film offers an insight to the era explored in the exhibition Constructing A Dream on view at Pera Museum, inviting the audience to a journey through Albanian cinema. 

Empathy Sessions <br> 5th Istanbul Design Biennial
Empathy Sessions
5th Istanbul Design Biennial

October 15 - November 15, 2020

Presented in the scope of the 5th Istanbul Design Biennial, which is organised by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts, Empathy Sessions is a selection of film works that expand the notion of empathy.

Measure of Human
Measure of Human
July 24 - August 24, 2020

Pera Film presents the online version of the Pera Museum’s Anatolian Weights and Measures Collection exhibition. In a time when our perceptions are altered and lead us to new practices that defy our standards, Measure of Human program explores the history and evolution of weights and measures – the first forms of universal standards.

Chosen Families: Tomer Heymann
Chosen Families: Tomer Heymann
April 15 - May 6, 2020

Pera Film is bringing back the retrospective program, which was also presented in the last November, of documentary producer and director Tomer Heymann to the audience online this time. 

Home Alone <br>Online Short Films Selection
Home Alone
Online Short Films Selection

March 23 - April 30, 2020

As we stay at home and limit social interaction in these days, Pera Film offers you a selection of seven films accessible online, which dwell upon our daily life practices, and the emotions and conditions that we cannot shake off.

 Margin of Sight
Margin of Sight
March 7 - September 19, 2020

Pera Film, in collaboration with 5Harfliler and curated by Suna Kafadar, presents the program Margin of Sight. The series of screenings and a talk is titled in reference to the women filmmakers who have been trying to look at the margin of sight, which marks the limits of the male gaze that encodes women’s lives and bodies as a totality that is ‘looked at’ but never looks back. This totality endeavors to condense women into a boring but fatal binary that either abstracts and sublimes women or dis-members them in violent visual gestures.

 The Fog: There’s something in the fog!
The Fog: There’s something in the fog!
March 6, 2020

The series of screenings and talks collaboratively organized by Pera Film and Altyazı Cinema Association, curated by Yeşim Tabak, is named after the crucial line in John Carpenter’s supernatural suspense The FogThere’s something in the fog!”

February 6, 2020

Screening of the documentary PUSH from the official selection of Sustainable Living Film Festival 2019 with the director of the film, Fredrik Gertten in attendance and a panel discussion will take place at the Pera Museum’s Auditorium.


Reminiscences of a Journey
Reminiscences of a Journey
February 5 - March 1, 2020

Pera Film starts 2020 with road stories. Running alongside A Road Story exhibition, Pera’s program features six films that focus on the state of setting out on a journey and how feelings transform on the road.