Ikuo Hirayama

Turkey, A Crossroad of Culture between West and East

August 6 - October 3, 2010

Ikuo Hirayama, one of the most well-known representatives of the Japanese-style painting Nihonga, utilized the Silk Road as the main theme of his paintings. Over the course of the 100 journeys Hirayama made following this route he paid several visits to Turkey. Hirayama was appointed as Japan's first Goodwill Ambassador to UNESCO in 1988 and Special Advisor to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1995. He emphasized cultural exchange with his visits and research in the Middle East, alongside his art's focus on the ancient ruins. Hirayama, who passed away in 2009, is now visiting Turkey, “the meeting point of West and East” in his own words, with his paintings.

"The Silk Road was my destiny. When I set foot on the sites of the Silk Road -along, which Buddhism had been propagated to the East in ancient times- I felt, the long history there and found how expansive they were both in terms of time and space. The road reminded me how the 17-year journey of Xuanzang (600-664) -a high-ranking monk during the Tang Dynasty who sought the Buddhist faith in India- was so incredibly difficult and ascetic. Since then, I have traveled to the sites of the Silk Road many times to follow Xuanzang's journey. China, U.S.S.R., Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, West Iran, Syria, Turkey, and Iraq. At a certain point I realized that I had traveled along the Silk Road more than 40 times. Nevertheless, it is difficult to say exactly what the Silk Road is. I am especially inspired by the landscape of the desert. There are no beautiful mountains and rivers, but the monotonous and timeless yellow world impresses me endlessly. Deserts bring before me the image of a myriad of people, putting their lives in danger, crossing between East and West and exchanging their culture." Ikuo Hirayama, July 1984.

Exhibition Catalogue

Ikuo Hirayama

Ikuo Hirayama

Ikuo Hirayama, one of the most well known representatives of Japanese-style painting Nihonga, took the Silk Road as the main theme of his paintings and paid several visits to Turkey throughout his...

Soothsayer Serenades I Serenades to the Sun by Kornelia Binicewicz

Soothsayer Serenades I Serenades to the Sun by Kornelia Binicewicz

Today we are thrilled to present the third playlist of Amrita Hepi’s Soothsayer Serenades series as part of the Notes for Tomorrow exhibition. The playlist titled Serenades to the Sun is presented by Kornelia Binicewiczon Pera Museum’s Spotify account.

Midnight Stories: COGITO <br> Tevfik Uyar

Midnight Stories: COGITO
Tevfik Uyar

He had imagined the court room as a big place. It wasn’t. It was about the size of his living room, with an elevation at one end, with a dais on it. The judges and the attorneys sat there. Below it was an old wooden rail, worn out in some places. That was his place. There was another seat for his lawyer. At the back, about 20 or 30 chairs were stowed out for the non-existent crowd.

Doublethinking About Big Brother! <br> 11 Quotes from 1984

Doublethinking About Big Brother!
11 Quotes from 1984

Our Doublethink Double vision exhibition’s title alludes to George Orwell’s seminal work 1984 and presents a selection that includes Tracey Emin, Marcel Dzama, Anselm Kiefer, Bruce Nauman, Raymond Pettibon, and Thomas Ruff, as well as Turkish artists, tracing the steps of pluralistic thought through works of art.