Ages 4-6

Instant Photo

How did they take photographs when there were no mobile phones or tablets? Have you ever seen a photograph of yourself printed on paper? We learn about key words such as frame, angle of view, exposure, aperture and depth of field in order to talk about how photography differs from other image creation processes such as painting and drawing. We go over the photographs from the exhibition and imagine what kind of places they might be from the landscapes we see. During the first part of the workshop, we draw a picture of our dream place as background on the papers covering the walls, and then we get our instant Polaroid photograph taken in front of the landscape we create. In the second part, we build a miniature of our landscape into cardboard boxes using EVA, chenille and recycledmaterials. We discover instant print photographs and design landscapes for photos.  

Related Exhibition: A Road Story180 Years of Photography
Capacity: 10 participants
Duration: 1,5 hours
Fee per workshop:
 75 TL

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ages 4-6