Stephen Chambers

The Big Country and Other Stories

Organised by the Royal Academy of Arts, London, in collaboration with the Pera Museum, Stephen Chambers: The Big Country and Other Stories exhibition presented a journey to the artist’s world, gathering paintings and graphic works from the last 20 years of his career. The fine texture, flat perspective and decorative elements stand out in his print series and oils that bear influences from early Renaissance painting. His impressive work takes its influence from William Wyler’s epic 1958 western The Big Country, providing the initial inspiration for a large-scale work consisting of 78 separate prints. 

The exhibition catalogue features his other series of prints as well as his oil painting salongside The Big Country, shedding light on the artist’s illustrative and colourful world.

Publication year: 2014
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7 Foreword
Suna, İnan & İpek Kıraç

9 The Royal Academy of Arts, London, and the Role of Royal Academicians
Edith Devaney

13 The Big Country and Other Stories, Stephen Chambers
Edith Devaney

21 Spinning the Compass
Rod Mengham

33 Observations from a Collector of Art     
Randy Lerner

39 Stephen Chambers and Alison Wilding in Conversation

47 Catalogue

Stephen Chambers

Stephen Chambers: The Big Country and Other Stories exhibition, curated by Edith Devaney, Curator of Contemporary Projects at the Royal Academy of Arts, London, presented a survey of Stephen Chambers’ painting and graphic works, shown alongside his vast multi-part print, The Big Country.

 Stephen Chambers