Istanbuls Today

Curated by Refik Akyüz and Serdar Darendeliler, Istanbuls Today offers an attempt at a critical and creative visual interpretation of the period we live in, while also creating a space of discovery for photographers who have crossed paths with the current state of Istanbul, which has been photographed with passion, curiosity and excitement throughout history. Thus, it captures the diversity of photographers today. 

The publication accompanying the exhibition includes the curatorial text by Refik Akyüz and Serdar Darendeliler,as well as articles penned for the catalogue by seven different academics, researchers and writers, who work, do research, think or create fiction about the subjects covered in the exhibition, inspired by the works of the exhibited artists. The publication also features illustrations of the displayed work, and presents biographies of the artists, curators and authors.

Artists: Silva Bingaz, Osman Bozkurt, Ci Demi, Kıvılcım S. Güngörün, Ekin Özbiçer, Emin Özmen, Ahmet Sel, Ali Taptık, Kerem Uzel, Erdem Varol, Cansu Yıldıran 

Authors: Yaşar Adnan Adanalı, Fırat Genç, Şebnem İşigüzel, Melisa Kesmez, Biray Kolluoğlu, Gamze Toksoy, Sibel Yardımcı

Publication Date: 2022
Number of Pages: 245
ISBN: 978-605-71205-4-0


6          İnan Kıraç

10        Refik Akyüz & Serdar Darendeliler
            Istanbuls Today

38        Fırat Genç
            The City of Politics and Bodies in Motion

44        Emin Özmen / Magnum Photos

58        Yaşar Adnan Adanalı
            North of Northern Istanbul

62        Kerem Uzel / laif
            Awaiting Transformation 

76        Biray Kolluoğlu
            Broken Visions 

84        Osman Bozkurt

98        Ali Taptık
           Topographic Nostalgia

106      N. Gamze Toksoy
            Photography as a space of encounters

114      Ahmet Sel
           At Ours

122      Sibel Yardımcı
           Whose arm, which leg, where is the curtain, where is home?
           Waking up to an-other collective dream

126      Cansu Yıldıran

148      Melisa Kesmez
            An Infinite Variety

152      Silva Bingaz
           The Transformative Soul Deep Within

168      Kıvılcım S. Güngörün

182      Şebnem İşigüzel
           Istanbulmania or Solaris

188      Ci Demi
            Signs That Everything Is Going Wrong

208      Erdem Varol
           Rastgele İstanbul

222      Ekin Özbiçer

238      Biographies

Istanbuls Today

Istanbuls Today is a photography exhibition that offers a comprehensive look into contemporary visual narratives from various Istanbuls that are shaped and experienced concurrently with the hope of creating a layered and innovative view of Istanbul's present.

Istanbuls Today