Growing Pains

The Girl

Director: Fredrik Edfeldt
Cast: Blanca Engström
Sweden, 2009, 100,  color

Swedish with Turkish subtitles

The unnamed girl is 9 and a half. It is 1981 and on the eleventh hour, her family learns that she cannot participate their charity tour in Africa, where they will spend the whole summer. She is left home with her masher aunt on watch but she leaves on the first week - without letting anyone know. The Girl, tells the story of a child who thinks she can stand on her own feet, but who is tested with visible and invisible threats. Being home alone, is no fun like Home Alone this time! Eldfeldt’s directorial debut flourishes with the simplicity of the Northern European cinema and pays attention to the growing pains that appear unannounced under extreme conditions.


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07 May Sunday
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18 May Thursday
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