Cat Got Your Tongue?

The Future

Director: Miranda July
Cast: Miranda July, Hamish Linklater
Germany, USA, France, 2011, 91’, color
English with Turkish subtitles

Miranda July follows Me and You and Everyone We Know with a “cosmic romance”. Sophie (played by Miranda July) and Jason are a thirty-something couple who have hit a bit of a brick wall in their lives. They make a decision to adopt a terminally ill cat named Paw Paw, who will need around-the-clock care like a newborn baby. Terrified of the responsibility and the looming loss of freedom, they decide to quit their jobs before they collect the cat, to make the best of their remaining days of freedom. But will the future match their dreams? Using elements of magical realism and with humour, the film invites us to share the new direction this young couple.


Past Screening
12 January Friday
Past Screening
02 February Friday
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