On the Beach

Sim Sala Bim

Director: Esat Özgül
Cast: İsmail Dümbüllü, Luiza Nor, Rasih Ertuğ, Suzan Güven
Turkey, 1951, 100', black & white, Turkish
Sim Sala Bim is about a funny chain of events experienced by İsmail Dümbüllü upon his arrival in Istanbul. He has a job at a theater company, but the manager fires him for slacking off at work. He sets out for Istanbul with plans to meet with his girlfriend Aysel and arrives in the city following a rather eventful journey. Accompanied by his friend Rasih, Dümbüllü goes in and out of jobs while tracking down his girlfriend in the big city. Just as everything seems to go against him, a genie in his dream gives him a magic wand which will prove to be highly useful.
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09 June Saturday
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19 July Thursday
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