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Bauhaus: Media Art

At the Bauhaus, film practice was part of the teaching concept of a "science of seeing." Art and technology were to form a new unit. Film, as a technical medium par excellence, was an important element in this program. Media art opens up an insight into the spectrum of the various artistic genres that were taught and practiced at the Bauhaus and influenced each other: in the selected works of Heinrich Brocksieper, Werner Graeff, Kurt Kranz and Kurt Schwerdtfeger painting, drawing, graphics and installation are carried through. The medium of film also made it more dynamic Inspired by the abstract films of Hans Richter and Viking Eggeling, Bauhausers further developed the modern language of forms in media art experiments.

Composition I 1922
Director: Werner Graeff
Germany, 1922/1977, 2’, color
Composition II / 1922
Director: Werner Graeff
Germany, 1922/1959, 2’, black & white
Reflective Plays of Coloured Light
Director: Rudolf Jüdes
Germany, 1922/1967, 24’, color
Surfaces, Perpelleristic – Duck – Seamstress
Director: Heinrich Brocksieper
Germany, 1927-1930, 6’, black & white
Twenty Pictures from the Life of a Composition
Director: Kurt Kranz
Germany, 1927-1928/1972, 2’, color
Black:White / White:Black
Director: Kurt Kranz
Germany, 1928-1929/1972, 2’, black & white
The Heroic Arrow
Director: Kurt Kranz
Germany, 1930/1972, 8’, black & white
Leporello - Draft for a Color Film
Director: Kurt Kranz
Germany, 1930-1931/1972, 5’, color
Variations on a Geometric Theme
Director: Kurt Kranz
Germany, 1955/1972, 22’, black & white
Rhythm 21
Director: Hans Richter
Germany, 1921/1923, 4’, black & white
Rhythm 23
Director: Hans Richter
Germany, 1923/1925, 4’, black & white
Diagonal Sinfonie
Director: Viking Eggeling
Germany, 1921-1924/1925, 7’, black & white
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