Film Programs - Archive

Alain Resnais
L'umiere d'Afrique
Hors Pistes
Mexico Day of the Dead
Nederhorror! Dutch Horrors
Terror Pop
Paris Now
Documentaries #2: Mindful Seed, Speaking Soil2
Goya On Screen
Peruvian Cinema
Oh! What a Lovely War!
Documentaries #1: Mindful Seed, Speaking Soil
Dutch : Realities
Argentina : Cinema and Football
Teen International Shorts Fest
Pioneers of Cinema Verite

El Realismo en el Cine Español
Jacques Demy The Enchanter
Cine de Ecuador
Premiers Films French Directors
Streetart Films
Hors Pistes
Fundamentally Who Am I?
Spanish Cinema Near and Far
Frida ve Diego Documentaries
King of Gangsters
Films on the Mexican Revolution

Hungarian Cinema: From 1940s to the 80s
Cine Fantastico y de Terror in Spanish Cinema
C’est La Vie! That’s Life! Shorts
Hors Pistes: Out of Tracks
Jazz at the Movies
Eric Rohmer: In Memoriam
Stories from Argentina
Anime Films
ourney to the Moon, 40th Year!
Award-winning Films from Chile
Colombia Diaspora!
Women Directors: Espacio Femenino
Picasso: Cinematic Expressions
French Cinema: Times of War 1938 – 1943
The End of Poverty?
Chagall: Fiddler on the Roof & Documentaries
Experimental Video Presentations

International Youth Filmmaking Project
Films of the Young Dutch
Films from Venezuela
Bunuel in Mexico
Hors Pistes
Art Mania
Stranger Festival
Manuela Martelli : A Young Actress From Chile
Oberhausen Kısa Filmler
Debut Films of Spanish Directors
Bergman Films
Independent Films
Indie Lisboa Days
The Shapeless

Animation Film Festival
Romanian Films
Hors Pistes
Classics from Germany
Lure of the East
Ventura Pons