Paula Rego

The Story of Stories

Curated by Alistair Hicks, The Story of Stories focuses on Paula Rego’s work in different disciplines, re-affirms the importance of her work in Portugal in the 1960s and focuses on her emergence as an important artist on the London scene in the 1980s and 1990s.  Through her works beginning from the 1960s, the exhibition aims to demonstrate how she has fought against depression, fascism, colonialism, and the anti-abortion movement while also unleashing her stories from the male linear leash.

The publication accompanying the exhibition includes the curatorial text by Alistair Hicks titled “No Single Story Tells the Story”, as well as a text written by the artist Leylâ Gediz looking at Rego’s practice through a personal lens, an essay by Jan Dalley focusing on Rego’s work titled Turkish Bath and an interview by Ben Eastham and Helen Graham. The publication also presents a comprehensive biography of the artist edited by Zuzana Flaskova, with illustrations of the displayed works.

Publication Date: 2022
Number of Pages: 181
ISBN: 978-605-71205-5-7

9          Foreword

10        Alistair Hicks
            Paula Rego: No Single Story Tells the Story

52        Leylâ Gediz
            Paula Rego in Istanbul!

64        Jan Dalley
            Looking at the Turkish Bath

72        Catalogue

156      Ben Eastham & Helen Graham
            Interview with Paula Rego

168      Zuzana Flaskova

Paula Rego

Paula Rego is a Portuguese/British artist who revolutionised the ways women are represented and is not one to compromise her truths. The Story of Stories shows how Rego authentically confronts oppression, authority, and institutional violence while not being afraid to reveal her own personal nature and socio-political context.

Paula Rego