Voluminous Figures Drawing Workshop

Pera Kids
Ages 7 - 12

  • July 10, 2020 / 14:00
  • August 12, 2020 / 14:00

Children learn about the critical interpretations by and the original style of Colombian painter Fernando Botero,one of the most intriguing artists of the 21st century, and his take on the concept of beauty. We draw figures using geometric shapes with materials such as crayons or pencils, inspired by the artist's rounded figures. Thus, we push the limits of our perception of figures. 

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Drawing paper
Crayons or colored pencils

The event is free to attend, booking is required.
The event will be held using the Zoom Meeting application.
At the end of the event, participants will receive a certificate by e-mail.

Capacity: 50 participants
For detailed information: ogrenme@peramuzesi.org.tr 

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A Photographer’s Biography Guillaume Berggren

A Photographer’s Biography Guillaume Berggren

Berggren acquires the techniques of photography in Berlin and holds different jobs in various European cities before arriving in İstanbul. Initially en route to Marseille, he disembarks from his ship in 1866 and settles in İstanbul, where he is to spend the rest of his life.

A Photographer’s Biography Pascal Sebah

A Photographer’s Biography Pascal Sebah

Following the opening of his studio, “El Chark Societe Photographic,” on Beyoğlu’s Postacılar Caddesi in 1857, the Levantine-descent Pascal Sébah moves to yet another studio next to the Russian Embassy in 1860 with a Frenchman named A. Laroche, who, apart from having worked in Paris previously, is also quite familiar with photographic techniques.

Midnight Stories: COGITO <br> Tevfik Uyar

Midnight Stories: COGITO
Tevfik Uyar

He had imagined the court room as a big place. It wasn’t. It was about the size of his living room, with an elevation at one end, with a dais on it. The judges and the attorneys sat there. Below it was an old wooden rail, worn out in some places. That was his place. There was another seat for his lawyer. At the back, about 20 or 30 chairs were stowed out for the non-existent crowd.