Sculptures Come to Life

Pera Kids
Ages 4-6

Now it’s time to imagine that we are in the Pera Museum, and you are a priceless sculpture on display here. Sculptures do not move, do they? So you have to keep the same pose without moving at all. The museum’s security is about to patrol the museum, and the sculptures must be completely still when they are here. However, when the security guard gets tired and goes to take a nap, you can switch places and poses. However, you must stay still once again when the security guard comes back. If the guard notices that you have changed places, you might get carried back to your original position. If the guard spots someone moving, that player becomes the new guard in the next round, and the game continues with different sculptures.

Related Exhibition: Intersecting Worlds

Illustrator: İpek Kay
Game Writer: 
Neray Çeşme

This program is presented especially for the 100th anniversary of the April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, inspired by Pera Museum's digital exhibitions.

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The Chronicle of Sarajevo

The Chronicle of Sarajevo

Inspired by the great European masters, from Renaissance to Art Nouveau, Berber’s works exemplify the deep, opaque whites of his journeys through the fairy tale landscapes of Bosnia to the dark, macabre burrows of Srebrenica.

Midnight Horror Stories: <br> Witches’ Sun <br> Mehmet Berk Yaltırık

Midnight Horror Stories:
Witches’ Sun
Mehmet Berk Yaltırık

I walk over rocks hot as iron under the September sun. I can make out a few lines in the distance, and a few cracked rocks, but apart from those, not a single tree, not one plant

Midnight Horror Stories: The Landlord <br> Hakan Bıçakcı

Midnight Horror Stories: The Landlord
Hakan Bıçakcı

Three people sleeping side by side. On the uncomfortable seats of the stuffy airplane in the air. Three friends. I’m the friend in the window seat. The other two are a couple, Emre and Melisa. I’m alone, they are together. And another difference. I’ve only closed my eyes. They are asleep.