My Calendar Clock

Pera Kids
Ages 7-12

  • April 11, 2022 / 14:00
  • April 15, 2022 / 14:00

How were the clocks we use today invented? What did people use to measure time before that? After a guided online tour of the exhibition, we explore the practices, systems, and measuring tools people have used in different parts of the world, to understand their surroundings through weights and measurements. From there we begin our workshop, where we think about some of the activities we enjoy before creating our own colorful calendar clock.

Related Exhibition: The Art of Weights and Measures

Paper Plates (Ideally in two different sizes)
Colored Paperboards
Fuzzy Sticks (optional)
Ruler Tacks / Beads

Ages: 7 - 12
Duration: 45 minutes

Admissions free, reservation required.
The event will be held via the Zoom Meeting app.
We ask that participants bring their own materials to be used in the workshops.
After the event, participants will receive a certificate of participation via e-mail.

Capacity: 60 people
For detailed information:

Our quota is full, thank you for your interest.

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The Ottoman Way of Serving Coffee

The Ottoman Way of Serving Coffee

Coffee was served with much splendor at the harems of the Ottoman palace and mansions. First, sweets (usually jam) was served on silverware, followed by coffee serving. The coffee jug would be placed in a sitil (brazier), which had three chains on its sides for carrying, had cinders in the middle, and was made of tombac, silver or brass. The sitil had a satin or silk cover embroidered with silver thread, tinsel, sequin or even pearls and diamonds.

Today's Stories: Coal <br>Pelin Buzluk

Today's Stories: Coal
Pelin Buzluk

Inspired by the exhibition Istanbuls Today, Today's Stories series starts with Pelin Buzluk's story "Coal"! TThis series gathers short stories written by authors encouraged by the photographs in the exhibition.

Today's Stories: Cihangir <br>Özge Baykan Calafato

Today's Stories: Cihangir
Özge Baykan Calafato

Inspired by the exhibition Istanbuls TodayToday's Stories series continues with Özge Baykan Calafato's story "Cihangir"! This series gathers short stories written by authors encouraged by the photographs in the exhibition.