Improvised Movement: Funflows

Pera Young

  • May 19, 2022 / 19:30

We are celebrating Youth and Sports Day with a “Funflows” improvised movement workshop. After a 3D guided virtual tour of the And Now the Good News exhibition, we re-explore movement and dance as a limitless form of expression in this improvised movement workshop inspired by Dadaism. We move our bodies freely and let our creativity come out while being guided by playful directions.

Related Exhibition: And Now the Good News

Instructor: İdil Kemer

Age: Anyone over 13 years of age
Capacity: 20 participants
Duration: 90 minutes

We recommend that you wear sweatpants, a T-shirt and socks for this workshop.

Participants will receive a certificate of participation via e-mail after the event. The event will be held on Zoom Meeting and will consist of a virtual guided tour of the exhibition, followed by a workshop related to the exhibition.

The participants’ cameras and microphones need to be enabled so that the instructor can see the participants and make participant-specific suggestions. Each participant’s consent is assumed upon registration.

For detailed information:

About İdil Kemer
İdil graduated from Boğaziçi University’s English Language and Literature program in 2002 and began dancing at Middle East Technical University’s ÇDT company while completing her master’s studies there. Between 2005 and 2008, she was an active dancer at the ÇATI Contemporary Dance Artists' Association in Istanbul. In 2008, she spent 5 weeks in Vienna through a DanceWEB scholarship from Impulstanz (Vienna). When she came back to Turkey, she decided to become a yoga instructor and pursue ways of combining yoga with movement/dance practices. In 2008 she joined many national and international creative projects. After meeting Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods through the Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture project, she took part in the 2010-2012 “Off Course” project with other dancers from Turkey. In 2011, she joined the “Atelier” production at Meg Stuart’s invitation. Around this time in Istanbul, she became acquainted with the Skinner Releasing technique, which became a part of her creative process and physical research. In 2014, she received a second scholarship from the Impulstanz DanceWEB program, this time as an assistant mentor. She learned about different types of video and film from Cynthia Madansky and also performed in some videos and short films. The latest of these films is a 16 mm, titled “Gravity and Grace” (2017).

In 2016, Idil received a DanceOMI scholarship for a three-week long residency on collaborative creative production in Upstate, New York. In 2017, she performed her own work, “Making a Room”, where she collaborated with playwright Leyla Postalcıoğlu. In 2018, she created “Tuhaf Danslar”(Odd Dances) and “Martha”, which were featured at “A Corner in the World”, a festival held in the Bomontiada ALT Gallery. Idil’s latest work, “pop-up characters”, which she has been working on over the course of the last year, has been contributing to various formats of the art research.

Our quota is full, thank you for your interest.

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The Chronicle of Sarajevo

The Chronicle of Sarajevo

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Midnight Horror Stories:
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