Colorful Print Patterns

Pera Kids
Ages 4-6

  • November 18, 2020 / 11:00

Have you ever thought about how many different patterns you can create by combining triangles, squares, circles? With inspiration from the artist Dana Awartani’s I Went Away and Forgot You. A While Ago I Remembered. I Remembered Id Forgotten You. I Was Dreaming, we design tile patterns. We prepare templates out of paperboards, papers, newspapers, and magazines and finish via the printing technique. Through this workshop, we learn about shapes, improve our hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, and enhance our focus.

Related ExhibitionMiniature 2.0: Miniature in Contemporary Art

Paperboard / newspaper / magazine
Watercolor paints / acrylic paint 

Duration: 40 min.

Admissions free, reservation required.
The event will be held via the Zoom Meeting app.
After the event, participants will receive a certificate of participation via e-mail.

Capacity: 50 participants
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Good News from the Skies

Good News from the Skies

Inspired by the exhibition And Now the Good News, which focusing on the relationship between mass media and art, we prepared horoscope readings based on the chapters of the exhibition. Using the popular astrological language inspired by the effects of the movements of celestial bodies on people, these readings with references to the works in the exhibition make fictional future predictions inspired by the horoscope columns that we read in the newspapers with the desire to receive good news about our day. 

Barbara Kruger’s Practice on Power,  Capitalism, Identity, and Gender

Barbara Kruger’s Practice on Power, Capitalism, Identity, and Gender

A closer look at the life and works of the artist Barbara Kruger, who is represented with two striking works in the exhibition And Now The Good News, a selection of works from the Nobel Collection.

I Copy Therefore I Am

I Copy Therefore I Am

Suggesting alternative models for new social and economic systems, SUPERFLEX works appear before us as energy systems, beverages, sculptures, copies, hypnosis sessions, infrastructure, paintings, plant nurseries, contracts, or specifically designed public spaces.