Half-Term Holiday Workshops

January 24 - 26, 2023

Pera Museum Learning Programs organizes online and face-to-face guided tours and workshops between January 24 and January 26, 2023, as part of its Half-Term Workshops program.

Workshops suitable for participants between the ages of 7-17 will take place in the museum. These events include a guided tour of the exhibition followed by a workshop.

In workshops parallel to Paula Rego: The Story of Stories and The Art of Weights and Measures exhibitions; archaeological excavation, collage, storytelling and painting works are carried out based on the exhibition themes with techniques such as creative reading, writing, and visual storytelling.

You can purchase your tickets on www.biletix.com.
For more information: ogrenme@peramuzesi.org.tr

January 24

10:30 Archaeo-fiction: Story-writing

13:00 Dig, Extract, Interpret!

January 25

10:30 Dig, Extract, Interpret!

13:00 Archaeo-fiction: Story-writing

January 26

11:00 I Illustrate My Story

14:00 I Illustrate My Story

Related Exhibitions

The Art of Weights and Measures

As the measurement of discovery became the substance of myths, weighing and measuring, beyond being mere physical actions, became an important means of self-expression to those captivated by the universe and what lay beyond the boundaries of knowledge. 

The Art of Weights and Measures

Nudes With Mirrors

Nudes With Mirrors

Although mythological themes are not commonly encountered in Turkish painting, it is possible to see variations of widespread themes such as the Venus at her Toilet. 

History of a Khanjar

History of a Khanjar

Henryk Weyssenhoff, author of landscapes, prints, and illustrations, devoted much of his creative energies to realistic vistas of Belorussia, Lithuania, and Samogitia. A descendant of an ancient noble family which moved east to the newly Polonised Inflanty in the 17th century, the young Henryk was raised to cherish Polish national traditions.

The Search for Form

The Search for Form

A series of small and rather similar nudes Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu and Eren Eyüboğlu produced in the early 1930s almost resemble a ‘visual conversation’ that focus on a pictorial search. It is also possible to find the visual reflections of this earlier search in the synthesis Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu reached with his stylistic abstractions in the 1950s.