In The Dark Times

June 15, 2016

Pera Film in collaboration with the Friedrich-Ebert Foundation and the Goethe-Institut Istanbul is screening the documentary In The Dark Times. The documentary features Syrian artists struggling to build up a new cultural identity in exile. The film explores these artists' impressive productions in film, music, dance and theatre in Istanbul and Amman as a rising independent Syrian vision in search of freedom and recognition. The documentary utilizes Bertolt Brecht's writings as a metaphor for a strong appeal to call people for global solidarity.

Director: Sabine Küper-Büsch & Thomas Büsch

Production: Goethe-Institut Istanbul
2016, 86’, Turkish subtitles
Date: 15 June Wednesday, 18:00

Following the screening, Amal Omran (actress) or Nadine al Laham (filmmaker), Nazlı Mayuk (filmmaker), Samer al-Kadri (artist and publisher) and Sabine Küper-Büsch (director) come together for a panel talk.

Free of admissions. Drop in, no reservations.

Midnight Horror Stories: <br> Witches’ Sun <br> Mehmet Berk Yaltırık

Midnight Horror Stories:
Witches’ Sun
Mehmet Berk Yaltırık

I walk over rocks hot as iron under the September sun. I can make out a few lines in the distance, and a few cracked rocks, but apart from those, not a single tree, not one plant

Demons, Symbols, and the Cosmos

Demons, Symbols, and the Cosmos

Beliefs surrounding illness and healing in Byzantium stem from the myths, astrology, and magic practiced around the Mediterranean by Jews, Egyptians, Mesopotamians, and Greeks.

At the Order of the Padishah

At the Order of the Padishah

In this piece, Żmurko presents an exotic image of a harem chamber, replete with gleaming fabrics and scattered jewels, as a setting for the statuesquely beautiful body of an odalisque murdered “at the order of the padishah”.