7th EU Human Rights Film Days

December 3 - December 8, 2017

Pera Film is hosting 7th EU Human Rights Film Days. The EU Human Rights Film Days aim to bring film lovers together every year for raising awareness, for discussion and reflection. You can watch 6 impressive films in the program between December, 3 - 8 at Pera Film.

This program’s screenings are free of admissions. Drop in, no reservations.

Accessible Screenings
Within the framework of accessible screenings, films will be screened with audio description for the audience who can not see; sign language translation and detailed subtitles for the audience who can not hear. The films can be followed with audio description through the headsets which can be obtained from the festival desk. The Q&A sessions after the accessible screenings will be accompanied by sign language translators.




3 December
13:00     Zelal + Grab and Ru
8 December
12:00     Indivisibile
14:30     Home Sweet Home + Q&A
17:30     Seeing Voices + Q&A
20:00     A to B Rollerski + Q&A

Click here for 7th EU Human Rights Film Days’ details.


Blurred Reminiscences  <br>Andra Ursuta

Blurred Reminiscences
Andra Ursuta

Pera Museum, in collaboration with Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), is one of the main venues for this year’s 15th Istanbul Biennial from 16 September to 12 November 2017. Through the biennial, we will be sharing detailed information about the artists and the artworks. 

Cindy Sherman Look At Me!

Cindy Sherman Look At Me!

The exhibition Look at Me! Portraits and Other Fictions from the ”la Caixa” Contemporary Art Collection examines portraiture, one of the oldest artistic genres, through a significant number of works of our times. Through the exhibition we will be sharing about the artists and sections in Look At Me!.

Doublethinking About Big Brother! <br> 11 Quotes from 1984

Doublethinking About Big Brother!
11 Quotes from 1984

Our Doublethink Double vision exhibition’s title alludes to George Orwell’s seminal work 1984 and presents a selection that includes Tracey Emin, Marcel Dzama, Anselm Kiefer, Bruce Nauman, Raymond Pettibon, and Thomas Ruff, as well as Turkish artists, tracing the steps of pluralistic thought through works of art.