Grayson Perry

Small Differences

May 13 - July 26, 2015

The works of outstanding contemporary artist and 2003 Turner Prize winner Grayson Perry (b. 1960) were exhibited at Pera Museum, including tapestries, ceramics and prints.

Organized in collaboration with the British Council and curated by Linsey Young from the British Council’s Visual Arts Team, the exhibition reflected the artist's unrelenting fascination with issues of the everyday, of religion, class, and identity.

Well-known for his transvestite alter ego "Claire", Perry's largest single body of work to date, The Vanity of Small Differences, composed of six tapestries from the British Council Collection, was also exhibited.

Though working within the context of contemporary art, Perry remains a practitioner of artisanal crafts and a lover of beauty. He rejects conceptual art as the sole claimant of ‘ideas’ and champions the decorative and intimate qualities of handmade objects with stories to tell. The ceramic medium that first drew Grayson Perry to craft practice continues to be a critical, and is perhaps the most traditionally beautiful, element of his work.

In this exhibition, alongside the series of ‘The Vanity of Small Differences’ the artist’s earliest work, a ceramic pot from 2002, the period during which Perry was nominated for the Turner Prize; culminating in a self-portrait, ‘A Map of Days,’ which was completed in 2014 for a major exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery were also included.


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Exhibition Catalogue

Grayson Perry

Grayson Perry

In collaboration with the Pera Museum and the British Council, the exhibition presented the works of outstanding and iconic contemporary artist Grayson Perry (b. 1960), including largest single...

Jacky Klein: "Tapestry, Taste and Teddy Bears: Uncovering the World of Grayson Perry"

Jacky Klein: "Tapestry, Taste and Teddy Bears: Uncovering the World of Grayson Perry"


My Way
Gender and Identity in British Cinema

The selected British productions of fiction and documentary films journey through unique stories of gender, identity, as well as eclectic and subjective experiences.

The Vanity of Small Differences

The Vanity of Small Differences

The Vanity of Small Differences is a series of six large scale tapestries, completed in 2012, which explore British fascination with taste and class, and can be seen in the Grayson Perry: Small Differences exhibition. 

Portrait of a Bullfighter (1797)

Portrait of a Bullfighter (1797)

The man is depicted in three-quarters view, turning straight to the viewers with a penetrating glance. The background is grey, while the clothes, the hair, and cap are black. 

Midnight Horror Stories: The Landlord <br> Hakan Bıçakcı

Midnight Horror Stories: The Landlord
Hakan Bıçakcı

Three people sleeping side by side. On the uncomfortable seats of the stuffy airplane in the air. Three friends. I’m the friend in the window seat. The other two are a couple, Emre and Melisa. I’m alone, they are together. And another difference. I’ve only closed my eyes. They are asleep.