The Tale of Tales: A Journey into Words and Music


April 7, 2023 / 19:30

When was the last time you listened to a fairy tale?

How would you like to take a break from your busy life to daydream and be amazed?

As part of the Paula Rego: The Story of Stories exhibition, Pera Museum presents a story narration, “The Tale of Tales: A Journey into Words and Music”, by fairy tale narrator and art therapist Judith Liberman. 

When Paula Rego attended the Slade School of Art, there was a strict rule opposing the narration of stories that was actually a reflection of the prejudice against female artists and in general against all women. Women’s stories had been ignored and dismissed as gossip, but Rego made an important feminist contribution to bringing fantasy and story-telling back into art.

The fairy tale event, meant to give adults who are inspired by her stories a small respite into fantasy, will be accompanied by the music of Taner Baba and will take place at the Pera Museum Auditorium.

Tickets are TRY 125 and can be obtained from Biletix or the Pera Museum Reception Desk on the event day. Pera Museum Friends can benefit from a 50% discount. Seats are limited and unnumbered. The show is for adults.

Our quota is full. A limited number of tickets will be available for sale on the day of the event and can be obtained from the Pera Museum reception. Thank you for your attention.

About Judith Liberman
Judith Liberman is a fairy tale narrator and an art therapist. She is one of the figures in Turkey who has revitalized the art of narration. She has been narrating fairy tales since 1997 and has given lessons to thousands of participants in her classes on storytelling. She prepared and presented the radio program “Masal Bu Ya” (This is what they call a fairy tale) on NTV Radio, featuring many distinguished guests. She continues to appear with her stories and programs on the YouTube channel “Şarkılı Masallar” (Musical Tales).

Judith Liberman is the author of Masal Terapi (Fairy Tale Therapy), Masallarla Yola Çık (Start off with Fairy Tales), Bir Masal İyi Geir (A Story Will Be Good for You), Önce Hayal (Fantasy First), Taş Çorbası (Stone Soup) (2020), Yolaçık (Open Road) (2021) and Mutluluk Bir Kıvılcım (Happiness Is a Spark) (2023). She believes that if the tales the world has heard ever change, then the world can also change.

Temporary Exhibition

Paula Rego

Paula Rego is a Portuguese/British artist who revolutionised the ways women are represented and is not one to compromise her truths. The Story of Stories shows how Rego authentically confronts oppression, authority, and institutional violence while not being afraid to reveal her own personal nature and socio-political context.

Paula Rego

Rineke Dijkstra Look At Me!

Rineke Dijkstra Look At Me!

“The portrait tells us that there is an inner and an outer dimension of the human condition; it provides—or should provide—information about both the physical and psychological character of an individual.” 

Midnight Stories: Hotel of Retro Dreams <br> Doğu Yücel

Midnight Stories: Hotel of Retro Dreams
Doğu Yücel

He didn’t expect this from me. And I hadn’t expected that we would decide to get married that day, at that moment. Everything happened all of a sudden, but exactly like it was supposed to happen in our day. We thought of the idea of marriage simultaneously, we smiled simultaneously, blinking and opening our eyes in unison. 

Paris Without End (1959-1965)

Paris Without End (1959-1965)

In the 60s, Alberto Giacometti paid homage to Paris, the city where he lived, by drawing its streets, cafés, and more private places like his studio and the apartment of his wife, Annette. These drawings would make up his last book, Paris sans fin (Paris Without End).