Motifs and Cultural Interactions
Kütahya Tiles and Ceramics Exhibition Tour

Guided Tour

September 5, 2023 / 13:30
September 8, 2023 / 19:00

Kütahya, renowned for its vibrant and colourful ceramic motifs, became one of the most significant ceramic production centres of the Ottoman Empire during the 18th century. Its diverse range of products, designed to meet daily needs, earned widespread societal admiration. These ceramic treasures transformed into genuine artworks under the skilful hands of artisans, who were inspired by cultural motifs from Europe, the Far East, and Anatolia, thus bearing witness to profound cultural exchanges. 

The guided tour explores the cultural interactions between the Ottoman Empire, the Far East, and Europe, as reflected in the motifs of Coffee Break exhibition and “Kütahya Tiles and Ceramics Collection”. Participants have the opportunity to see two currently unexhibited artefacts.

Turkish coffee is offered to the participants of the exhibition tour.

The 30-minute guided tour is free of charge and will be in Turkish. With the exception of Long Fridays, a separate museum entrance ticket must be purchased. The capacity is limited. To secure your spot for the tour, kindly make a reservation by emailing at

Temporary Exhibition

Coffee Break

Discovered in Ethiopia as the “magic fruit,” and reaching the land of the Ottomans through Yemen in the 15th century, coffee soon assumed its place as a prestigious beverage in the palace and wealthy households. 

Coffee Break

A Photographer’s Biography Pascal Sebah

A Photographer’s Biography Pascal Sebah

Following the opening of his studio, “El Chark Societe Photographic,” on Beyoğlu’s Postacılar Caddesi in 1857, the Levantine-descent Pascal Sébah moves to yet another studio next to the Russian Embassy in 1860 with a Frenchman named A. Laroche, who, apart from having worked in Paris previously, is also quite familiar with photographic techniques.

Barbara Kruger’s Practice on Power,  Capitalism, Identity, and Gender

Barbara Kruger’s Practice on Power, Capitalism, Identity, and Gender

A closer look at the life and works of the artist Barbara Kruger, who is represented with two striking works in the exhibition And Now The Good News, a selection of works from the Nobel Collection.

Bosphorus at the Orientalist Paintings

Bosphorus at the Orientalist Paintings

The Bosphorus, which divides the city from north to south, separates two continents, renders Istanbul distinct for western painters, offers the most picturesque spectacles for western artists.