Etel Adnan: Her Life, Her Work, Her Cities
Simone Fattal, Jean Frémon, Lamia Joreige and Serhan Ada

Online Talk

June 2, 2021 / 18:30

Pera Museum organizes a series of online talks as part of “Impossible Homecoming”, a retrospective exhibition of artist and poet Etel Adnan, whose life spanned nearly a century. In the first event, those who are closest to her will talk about Etel Adnan’s life, work and cities. 

The co-curator of the exhibition and Etel Adnan’s companion, artist Simone Fattal, her gallerist and friend Jean Frémon, and Lamia Joreige, an artist friend with whom Adnan collaborates occasionally will have a conversation about Etel they know with the moderation of the co-curator Serhan Ada. Three speakers who all live in Paris and take part in her everyday life will provide an insight to Etel Adnan’s oeuvre through her life, the cities she lived in: Beirut, Paris, San Francisco (but also Skopelos, Izmir…), people, mountains, sea, fog, thoughts etc. 

The Zoom talk will be in English with simultaneous Turkish translation. Reservation is required.

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