İdealler Gerçekleşirken…

Suna Kıraç’ın izinde 10 yılın öyküsü
Rıdvan Akar

The book “İdealler Gerçekleşirken: Suna Kıraç’ın izinde 10 yılın öyküsü”, which is about the civil society initiatives Suna Kıraç, one of the first businesswomen in Turkey, launched, led and supported in the fields of education, culture and healthcare and the success stories of the organizations that made these initiatives happen has been published by the Suna and Kıraç Foundation Publications.

Journalist-writer Rıdvan Akar authored this new book as a sequel to “Ömrümden Uzun İdeallerim Var!”, the first edition of which was published in 2006.

The first book “Ömrümden Uzun İdeallerim Var!”, which tells the life story of Suna Kıraç and was edited by Rıdvan Akar, was a guiding, eye-opening and inspirational source especially for women, young people and the rising figures of the business world.

Today, projects that bear the name and that have been supported by Suna and İnan Kıraç have turned into an ideal that will last many lifetimes; these ideals have evolved into a shared, improved and ever-greater reality. “İdealler Gerçekleşirken: Suna Kıraç’ın izinde, 10 yılın öyküsü” is the second book of the Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation Publications Memoir Series, shedding light on the last 10 years, the lives that revolved around these ideals, those who supported Suna Kıraç in achieving her goals and their stories crowned with hope, commitment, self-sacrifice and success.

The first chapter of the book, which Rıdvan Akar wrote in two chapters, presents striking details from Suna Kıraç's life. Compiled from her notes, letters, albums and the statements of those close to her, this chapter portrays Suna Kıraç as a modern businesswoman, an active volunteer in the civil society who strongly believes in the pivotal role of education, and as a loving wife and mother.

The second chapter focuses on the civil society organizations and educational institutions that Suna Kıraç helped form, grow and develop and the heroes these institutions fostered, the projects they carried out, the people whose lives changed for the better and who created value added for Turkey.