Cat Got Your Tongue?

The Strange Little Cat

Director: Ramon Zürcher
Cast: Jenny Schily, Anjorka Strechel, Mia Kasalo, Luk Pfaff
Germany, 2013, 72’, renkli / color
German with Turkish subtitles

It’s a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon in Berlin, where three generations of a family gather in a flat for an evening meal. There are hectic preparations in the kitchen. Everyone is present in this picture: 2 siblings in their 20’s, a little girl screaming and jumping around with a remote helicopter at hand, a mother who is the real chief in action of this scene, dad, uncle, aunts, cousins, neighbours and a tawny red cat in the middle of it all. Ramon Zürcher made a marvelous job gratifying the story of each and every character in this picture and creating fragments and stories from every little detail which actually proves him out to be compared with Bresson or Tati from his debut feature film. In a plain, comfortable manner of working, without trying to achieve avid resolutions, The Strange Little Cat puts out the absurd mediocre of humankind.


Past Screening
17 January Wednesday
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20 January Saturday
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