Cat Got Your Tongue?

She’s Allergic to Cats

Director: Michael Reich
Cast: Mike Pinkney, Sonja Kinski
USA, 2016, 82’,color
English with Turkish subtitles


A dog groomer in Hollywood aspires to be more than a dog groomer in Hollywood. Michael Pinkney is a man struggling with his lower income lifestyle in the shadow of the film industry. His job is degrading, his home is infested with rats and his mind constantly wanders into a lo-fi dreamscape that mirrors his analog video experiments. Michael's menial routine spirals out of control when he meets Cora, the girl of his dreams. On their first date his greatest hopes and worst fears are realized as they journey down a dark, twisted path that descends into surreal chaos. The boundaries between reality, fantasy, art, romantic-comedy and horror collide in an explosion of distorted video art and psychological insanity.


Past Screening
31 January Wednesday
Past Screening
03 February Saturday
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