Berlin – A City Called Home

Berlin is in Germany

Director: Hannes Stöhr
Cast: Jörg Schüttauf, Julia Jäger, Robin Becker, Robert Lohr
Germany, 2001, 97', DCP, color
German with Turkish subtitles

Martin Schultz is released after 11 years of imprisonment. As a citizen of the former German Democratic Republic, he experienced the fall of the Wall from his prison cell. Martin is full of hope when he returns home, but he hardly recognizes East Berlin again. The "New Berlin" has already taken over and the "Old East Berlin" clings desperately to its last remaining traits. The eleven-year absence is like a time machine and Martin runs into one difficulty after another while finding his place in this "new" world. Adapted from Helmer’s 1999 short, meticulously researched pic combines resolutely realistic tech approach with sly humor inherent in ex-con’s poignant learning curve.


Past Screening
15 June Saturday
Past Screening
30 June Sunday
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