Moving Visegrad Contemporary Dance Choreographic Residency


18 November 2017 / 16:00 Past Activity

“Moving Visegrad” contemporary dance choreographic residency is part of the 3rd Visegrad- Turkish Culture Festival that aims to promote the culture of the Visegrad region, including Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Although the four Visegrad countries carry their own national and cultural uniqueness, the geographical proximity has created a common identity that they all share. The project offers a possibility to present these features in Turkey where the eastern part of Europe receives very little notice. At the same time, it gives an opportunity for Turkey to achieve more visibility in contemporary arts, almost unknown to the culture makers in Europe.

Throughout the two-week contemporary dance choreographic, the group of five dancers will work with the choreographer Evrim Akyay and on November 18, they will perform  on the “Intersecting Worlds: Ambassadors and Painters” exhibition floor.

Free of admissions. This event will take place in the “Intersecting Worlds: Ambassadors and Painters” exhibition gallery.


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