A Capella at Pera
“A Capella Boğaziçi”


12 January 2019 / 17:00 Past Activity

Pera Museum starts the new season with a brand new concert series! The first performance of the series, featuring Turkish State Polyphonic Choir’s principal conductor Burak Onur Erdem as the art director, will be “A Capella Boğaziçi” on 12th of January Saturday at 17.00 hrs.

Join the “Conversation Session” before the concert to discuss the production process of a capella music, converse with the musicians and exchange knowledge. In this workshop, where the participation is limited, the process of creating a capella music will be discussed alongside the stages like performance practices, repertoire creation, arrangement, composition and recording, while a capella adaptations of traditional music will also be highlighted.

Established in Boğaziçi University in 2002, A Capella Boğaziçi gathers different kinds of music such as classical, jazz, pop and folk under the roof of a capella through Recep Gü’s arrangements. A Capella Bogazici, which stars Canan Özgür, Cansın Hazan Bayrak, Recep Gül, F. Cesur Özdemir, and Ali Göktürk, performs in various national or international projects and events.

16.00 – 17.00   Conversation Session
17.00 – 18.00   Concert 

A Capella Boğaziçi
Soprano - Canan Özgür
Alto - Cansın Hazan Bayrak
Tenor - Recep Gül
Bariton and Beatbox - F.Cesur Özdemir
Bas - Ali Göktürk


Bu Dünya Bir Pencere Arr. R. Gül (*1982)
Darıldın mı Cicim Bana (Hariklaki) Arr. R. Gül
Divane Aşık Gibi Arr. R. Gül
Ayde Vino Piyam Arr. R. Gül
Sorma S. Aksu, Arr. R. Gül (*1954)
My Favorite Things (The Sound of Music) R. Rodgers, Arr. R. Gül (1902 - 1979)
Voices of İstanbul R. Gül
I. Waves from the Past  
Lamma Bada Yatathanna Arr. R. Gül
Kürdilihicazkar Longa

Kemani Sebuh Efendi, Arr. R. Gül (1828 - 1894)

Admission 20 TL. Tickets can be purchased on Biletix. Sales at the Museum will begin on the day of the concert. Friends of Pera Museum can buy tickets from the museum with a 50% discount. Places are limited.