Utopias in Renovation and Productized Dreams

Pera Adult

  • August 9, 2024 / 19:00

The workshop is inspired by PƎRⱯ Reverse and the work Masking, urban transformations, which refers to the historical buildings under renovation that are frequently encountered in the city, covered with a masking fabric. In the workshop led by artist Deniz Kulaksızoğlu, the participants rethink Istanbul as a place of constant destruction, transformation and reconstruction, with a focus on global capitalist relations. Then, the participants paint an element (this element can be a building, a space, a memory, a person, a dream, a thought, etc.) that has an important place in their past but is no longer the same or that they wish to change in two layers, first with the existing version and then with the version they imagine. These elements undergoing a kind of “intellectual renovation” are photographed and transferred onto the surface of cardboard coffee cups, which also appear in the exhibition. Thus, the process of transforming artistic, cultural and historical values into commercial objects or souvenirs is imitated.

Instructor: Deniz Kulaksızoğlu
Capacity: 10 people
Duration: 120 minutes
Fee per workshop: 350 TL  

The event will take place at the Pera Museum (face-to-face).
For more information: ogrenme@peramuzesi.org.tr

About Deniz Kulaksızoğlu
Deniz Kulaksızoğlu (1996, Istanbul) graduated from St. Georg Austrian High School and completed her architecture degree at Technische Universitat Berlin (TU-Berlin). Focusing on the themes of space and image in her practice, Kulaksızoğlu questions the representational systems of perception through the phenomenon of repetition and focuses on the concepts of meaning and meaninglessness.

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Fluid Rego

Fluid Rego

While Paula Rego belatedly was recognised as one of the leading feminist pioneers of her age, little has been written about her exploration of fluid sexuality. Indeed the current of sado-masochism in her drawings and paintings, has tended to encourage an understanding as a classic clash between the patriarchy and exploited women.

Interview with Isabel Muñoz <br> By Merve Akar Akgün

Interview with Isabel Muñoz
By Merve Akar Akgün

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