Stones of Oblivion: Changing Forms Artist Workshop: Kıymet Daştan

Pera Young

  • February 19, 2021 / 19:00
  • January 15, 2021 / 19:00

We will create our own stones of oblivion by reflecting on how we preserve memory, how we destroy it and how we create it in daily life, using the stones that we collect on the river banks and coasts we visit or that we stumble upon in the city. In this workshop, we will use tape, paper materials such as newspapers, magazines, photographs, watercolor, colored pencils, scissors, fabrics, sewing threads, snap off knives, erasers, and packaging materials such as styrofoam, nylon bags, cardboards and aluminum foil as well as everyday waste materials to prepare the stones that we have kept for a while or stumbled upon. 

Our workshop activities offer a space to reflect on the link between what is kept/disposed of and memory and to rid ourselves of some of the burden on our shoulders. We will also focus on a 3D form and experiment with physical actions such as creating a shell out of it, wrapping, breaking, adding, sewing, gluing, creating textures and painting. During this creation process, we will try to find ways of expressing ourselves through the physical methods of forgetting or remembering. We aim to give form to the layers of an abstract concept such as memory that permeates every corner of our daily lives, and to rethink our relationship with everyday objects and materials. 

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A few stones of varying sizes
Various packaging products (aluminum foil, nylon bags, styrofoam, etc.)
Paper materials (newspaper, magazine, photo)
Watercolor, colored pencils
Snap off knife
Adhesive tape
Sewing thread 

Age Group: 13 and older
Capacity: 25 participants
Duration: 90 minutes 

Fee per workshop: 45 TL
Fee per workshop for students: 25 TL 

At the end of the event, participants will receive a certificate by e-mail.
For events held on the Zoom Meeting application, the online guided exhibition tour will be followed by an exhibition-themed workshop.
Your camera and microphone must be turned on in order for the instructor to see the participants and give personalized instructions. Every participant who buys a ticket is considered to have accepted these conditions. 

For more information:

About Kıymet Daştan

Kıymet Daştans (b. 1980, Istanbul) experiments with form, loaded with conceptual projections, generate questions about memory, legacy and social roles while exploring the poetic horizons of materials. Producing and according to a material presence is a way of thinking for the artist. Determined to find fragmented images of memory among the wandering and repeating symbols and signs of everyday life objects, Daştan graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Sculpture Department (2008) and completed her MA in design (2014) at Domus Academy in Milan. With commissioned sculptures exhibited at various public spaces around Turkey and two solo exhibitions in Istanbul and France, the artist has participated in many group exhibitions held at various art galleries and public spaces inside and outside Turkey as well as local and international artist residency programs and symposiums. She completed Ashkal Alwan's 1-year Home Workspace program in Beirut in 2019. In addition, she taught design at the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul for a long time. She has won various awards such as first prize at the Sabancı Art Award for Sculpture in 2008 and first prize at the JTR Jewelry Design Competition in 2013. In addition, Daştan provided design, production and project development support for artists around the world to help them realize their projects. During and after the setting up process of the Museum of Innocence, she worked as an artist to produce works according to Orhan Pamuks vision; she worked as a project coordinator on both Anna Boghiguian and Michael Rakowitzs works during the 14th Istanbul Biennial Saltwater” and was the Special Project Coordinator in Mahmoud Khaleds project during the 15th Istanbul Biennial A Good Neighbour. Daştan continues her artistic work in her studio in Istanbul.

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