Sounds of the City: Collective Map Making

Pera Adult

  • April 16, 2023 / 14:00

This workshop is inspired by Ekin Özbiçer's video installation "Auto-orientalism", accompanied by the sounds and music she encounters on the streets of Istanbul in the Istanbuls Today exhibition. In the workshop, which will be conducted by Beste Kopuz and Arek Qadrra, participants reflect on sound and visual memory while interpreting the city's memory with the abstract structure of sound. They will visit Pera Museum by listening to “the different voices of the museum and the city” with card decks with different directives that will be distributed. Then, they will design a map  where collective memory stories occur.

Related Exhibition: Istanbuls Today

Ages: 18 years and older
Capacity: 10 people
Duration: 2 hours
Fee per workshop: 150 TL
Fee per workshop for students: 75 TL

The event will take place at the Pera Museum (face-to-face).
For more information:

About Arek Qadrra
In 2015, he participated in the exhibitions “Locality and Global Discourse”(California Arts Academy  - USA) and “Locality and Global Discourse” (Cumhuriyet Museum - Istanbul). Later, he took part in various group exhibitions in Europe, such as Mannheim’s “CAPTCHA Design Festival”. After BASE 2017, he participated in "Living Space Photography Workshop” (GAPO-SALT - Istanbul), "Country of Dreams Troia” (Çanakkale Piri Reis Museum) in 2018, “Country of Dreams Troia” (Darphane-i Amire - Istanbul), “Wall Paper Scissors” (Space Debris Art - Orjin Gallery), ”Gallery Space+D” (Digilogue), “Sonar Istanbul” (Zorlu PSM), "Finding Healing in Istanbul” (Karşı Art Works - Yaklaşım Tüneli Taksim). Starting from the concepts of universe, metaphysics and, in this context, city and life, the artist continues his contemporary artworks in a multidisciplinary style with conceptual art, media art, painting, photography and installations in Istanbul.

About Beste Kopuz
The artist, who produces in a multidisciplinary style, focuses on the city’s history, the memory of the place, and the layered network of relations established with the place by conducting archival studies.  The artist believes that one of the most important features of cities is that they cannot be completely destroyed and in any case, have traces of their pastThe artist, who believes that one of the most important features of cities is that they cannot be completely destroyed and in any case have traces of their past. In her productions, she looks for these traces in the city and questions the re-creation of the old with the new. Her studies wereas exhibited in both local and international platforms such as Mamut Art Project 2017, BASE 2017, CAPTCHA Design Festival, Mixer, Space Debris, and Şehre BAK. In November 2019, she opened her first personal exhibition titled "Kazıklıköy" at Versus Art Project. She joined the Istanbul Architecture and Urbanism Research Academy in 2020, and the Istanbul Biennial Work and Research Program in 2022. She lives in Istanbul and continues her postgraduate education at Hacettepe Fine Arts Institute painting department.

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The Battle of Varna

The Battle of Varna

Over the years of 1864 through 1876, Stanisław Chlebowski served Sultan Abdülaziz in Istanbul as his court painter. As it was, Abdülaziz disposed of considerable artistic talents of his own, and he actively involved himself in Chlebowski’s creative process, suggesting ideas for compositions –such as ballistic pieces praising the victories of Turkish arms. 

Return from Vienna

Return from Vienna

Józef Brandt harboured a fascination for the history of 17th century Poland, and his favourite themes included ballistic scenes and genre scenes before and after the battle proper –all and sundry marches, returns, supply trains, billets and encampments, patrols, and similar motifs illustrating the drudgery of warfare outside of its culminating moments.

Memory and Now, on Fabrics! <br> Gözde İlkin

Memory and Now, on Fabrics!
Gözde İlkin

Pera Museum, in collaboration with Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV), is one of the main venues for this year’s 15th Istanbul Biennial from 16 September to 12 November 2017. Through the biennial, we will be sharing detailed information about the artists and the artworks.