Photographing Istanbul

Pera Adult

  • April 9, 2023 / 15:00

We discover different faces of Istanbul together with Ekin Özbiçer and Erdem Varol, whose photographs exhibited in Istanbuls Today "create the feeling of a pursuit, chase, coincidence, and a preoccupation with the city, looking at it in a different way, even an escape from our resistance towards it”! In this workshop, the participants examine the photographs with the artists and re-read Istanbul from an unfamiliar point of view. In this collective work, which will take place after an interactive exhibition tour, the participants have the opportunity to reflect on the different ways of “seeing” a city while interpreting their relationship with the city and the visual stories of the city that are both different and similar in the eyes of each artist.

Materials: Participants are kindly requested to send Istanbul photographs they took to be used in the workshop to or bring them with them.

Related Exhibition: Istanbuls Today

Ages: 18 years and older
Capacity: 20 people
Duration: 2 hours
Fee per workshop: 150 TL
Fee per workshop for students: 75 TL 

The event will take place at the Pera Museum (face-to-face).
For more information: 

About Ekin Özbiçer
Photographer. While studying ceramics at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, she started working as a photography assistant. After graduation, she participated in the photography program at FAMU (Prague, Czech Republic). In her photography and video works, she tries to reflect the relationship between people and social fabrics with a realistic perspective by treating architecture as a subject as well. The artist doing fashion and editorial photography, lives in Istanbul.

About Erdem Varol
Photographer. He survives by taking photographs, writing and drawing almost every day. For the artist, whose camera is always with him while he absentmindedly walks around the city, photography emerges when daily routines are repeated or disrupted. He invites viewers to read his productions as outputs that contain clues about muscle memory, mistakes and accidents beyond the instantaneously compressed visual layers. Having a special interest in printed materials, Varol has published four artist books since 2017, and his photographs have appeared in two collective artist books. He wanders and produces on the streets of Istanbul.

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