One World, One Photograph

Pera Kids
Ages 9-10

  • April 24, 2022 / 11:45

We are celebrating “April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day” at our online creative drama workshops through the collaboration of the Pera Museum Learning Programs and the Contemporary Drama Association. Photographs are for safeguarding memories. Memories are perceived differently by those who take the photos and those who look at them. Seeing the world through photographs informs a person and sets up a line of communication with the photo. A photograph forges a bond between life and people–what memory would it choose to frame? Does a text complete a photograph, or vice versa? As you look for answers to the questions that have come up with the invention of the photograph, are you ready to take a journey into the history of the printed media? We design a newspaper page at the end of this workshop. We also not only discuss the invention of the photograph, but also talk about the interaction between photography and the printed media.

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Instructor: Volunteers from the Contemporary Drama Association
Age: 9-10
Limited to: 20 participants
Duration: 85 minutes 

Materials needed
Newspapers and Magazines (To cut up)
A photograph (Something from home)
A4 paper / Carton (1) 

The events are free of charge; a reservation is required.
The participants will supply the materials needed at the workshops.
A participation certificate will be sent to participants via email. The workshops will be conducted following a 3D online guided tour of the exhibition that will be accessed via a Zoom Meeting.

For detailed information:

in collaboration

Our quota is full, thank you for your interest.

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Reminiscences of Motifs

Reminiscences of Motifs

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Memory of the Region

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