Movement and Dance Piece by Piece

Pera Kids
Ages 10-12

How would you like to create a dancing choreography along with hip-hop? Everyone in the family can join in. Write movements and limbs on pieces of paper, like hand-right, leg-left, shoulder-left, knee-right, and mix them in a bowl. Then, have every player draw 10 pieces and create their dance moves using the movements as a guide. Try practicing your moves slowly with the music at first, and then add them together to create your own dance. If you wish to film your dance and share it online, don’t forget to use the #PeraLearning hashtag!

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Illustrator: İpek Kay
Game Writer: 
Neray Çeşme

This program is presented especially for the 100th anniversary of the April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day, inspired by Pera Museum's digital exhibitions.

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The Horse Figure in Mersad Berber’s Works

The Horse Figure in Mersad Berber’s Works

Mersad Berber (1940-2012), is one of the greatest and the most significant representatives of Bosnian-Herzegovinian and Yugoslav art in the second half of the 20th century. His vast body of expressive and unique works triggered the local art scene’s recognition into Europe as well as the international stage.

The Chronicle of Sarajevo

The Chronicle of Sarajevo

Inspired by the great European masters, from Renaissance to Art Nouveau, Berber’s works exemplify the deep, opaque whites of his journeys through the fairy tale landscapes of Bosnia to the dark, macabre burrows of Srebrenica.

Midnight Horror Stories: <br> Witches’ Sun <br> Mehmet Berk Yaltırık

Midnight Horror Stories:
Witches’ Sun
Mehmet Berk Yaltırık

I walk over rocks hot as iron under the September sun. I can make out a few lines in the distance, and a few cracked rocks, but apart from those, not a single tree, not one plant