Landscape Drawing with Perspective

Pera Kids
Ages 7-12

  • November 17, 2020 / 13:00

Where do sky and sea meet? How are they set apart? At sunset, where is the invisible part of the sun? The horizon line that separates sky and earth in landscape works creates a sense of perspective. We are examining Shahpour Pouyan’s formless, venue miniatures, and multiple perspective details. The workshop features a discussion on how to draw miniatures with one-point perspective, followed by a design of landscape painting with horizon line as a reference point.

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Coloring pencils / crayons / watercolor paints

Duration: 40 min.

Admissions free, reservation required.
The event will be held via the Zoom Meeting app.
After the event, participants will receive a certificate of participation via e-mail.

Capacity: 50 participants
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Midnight Stories: The Soul <br> Aşkın Güngör

Midnight Stories: The Soul
Aşkın Güngör

The wind blows, rubbing against my legs made of layers of metal and wires, swaying the leaves of grass that have shot up from the cracks in the tarmac, and going off to the windows that look like the eyes of dead children in the wrecked buildings that seem to be everywhere as far as the eye can see.

Story of José Sancho’s Life

Story of José Sancho’s Life

He was born on April 18, 1935 in the province of Puntarenas, Costa Rica. His family migrated to the capital, San José, where in 1952 he earned a bachelor’s degree from the Lyceum of Costa Rica.

Venuses Throughout History

Venuses Throughout History

José Sancho does not conceal the voluptuousness of his female torsos; he highlights it. These torsos are symmetrical from front, but on the other hand, from the side, the juxtaposition of concave and convex forms creates dynamism.