Istanbul in My Lens: Photographing the City

Pera Adult

  • August 20, 2023 / 14:00

We discover different faces of Istanbul with Ci Demi and Erdem Varol, whose photographs defined as "create the feeling of a pursuit, chase, coincidence, and a preoccupation with the city, looking at it in a different way, even an escape from our resistance towards it”! The participants examine the photographs with the artists and reinterpret Istanbul from various angles other than the usual tourist image. In the collective work, which take place after an interactive exhibition tour, the participants have the opportunity to reflect on the different ways of “seeing” a city.

Note: Participants are kindly requested to send Istanbul photographs they took to be used in the workshop to or bring them with them.

Capacity: 10 people
Duration: 120 minutes
Fee per workshop: 250 TL

The event will take place at the Pera Museum (face-to-face).
For more information:

About Ci Demi
Photographer and former copywriter. His photography focuses on Istanbul and its personal psycho-geographical readings. The artist, who worked as a photojournalist for a while, blends the documentary photography approach with an autobiographical narrative. The artist, who dedicates his photography and storytelling entirely to the scenes of Istanbul, continues his works to be published in a book in this city.

About Erdem Varol
Photographer. He survives almost every day by taking photographs, writing and drawing. He has a special interest in printed publications, has published four artist books since 2017, and his photographs have been featured in two collective artist books. He walks and produces in Istanbul.

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