Colorful Steps

Pera Kids
Ages 7-8

  • April 24, 2021 / 10:30
  • April 25, 2021 / 10:30

In collaboration with Pera Museum Learning Programs and Contemporary Drama Association, we are looking forward to celebrating April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day with online creative drama workshops. Would you like to imagine yourself within Etel Adnan’s landscape paintings, and discover the mysteries of this pastel-colored nature?  In this magical journey, we experience the nature of our imagination using creative drama and shapes and colors. Come join us on this mystical adventure!

Related Exhibition: Etel Adnan: Impossible Homecoming

Workshop led by: Contemporary Drama Association Volunteers

Capacity: 20 participants
Duration: 60 minutes

A4 paper (5 sheets)

The event is free of charge, registration is required.
Participants are required to bring their own workshop materials.
A participation certificate will be emailed to all participants. The event will take place on the Zoom Meeting app, with a guided virtual online exhibition tour followed by a workshop activity on the exhibition.

For more information:

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From Cypresses to Turkish Landscapes

From Cypresses to Turkish Landscapes

Among the most interesting themes in the oeuvre of Prassinos are cypresses, trees, and Turkish landscapes. The cypress woods in Üsküdar he saw every time he stepped out on the terrace of their house in İstanbul or the trees in Petits Champs must have been strong images of childhood for Prassinos. 

Fluid Identities  Creating an Identity / Hybrid Identities

Fluid Identities Creating an Identity / Hybrid Identities

A firm believer in the idea that a collection needs to be upheld at least by four generations and comparing this continuity to a relay race, Nahit Kabakcı began creating the Huma Kabakcı Collection from the 1980s onwards. Today, the collection can be considered one of the most important and outstanding examples among the rare, consciously created, and long-lasting ones of its kind in Turkey.

Shaping Forms  The Migrant Body / Shaping Ideologies

Shaping Forms The Migrant Body / Shaping Ideologies

Constituting the entirety of all the perceived aspects of an object creating their own order, form not only contains visual elements and characteristics, but can also help elucidate concepts.