Suna and İnan Kıraç Foundation Collection of Anatolian Weights and Measures

The Anatolian Weights and Measures Collection that Suna and İnan Kıraç began to create in the the 1980s has grown rapidly over the years with the purchase of pieces accumulated by some collectors as well as regular purchases from other sources both in Turkey and abroad, and now it is the most remarkable collection of its type in Turkey.

Today this collection consists of nearly a thousand objects utilized in Anatolia from prehistory to date. These comprise the main types of scales and measuring instruments used for measuring weight, length, and volume in a wide spectrum, extending from land measurement to commerce, from architecture to jewelry making and shipping to pharmacy. Illustrating as it does the relations  between measuring systems of different periods and regions, enabling us to follow the various changes and continuities,  the collection is a very valuable source of historical and scientific knowledge.

A broad selection focusing on the Islamic periods in Anatolia, but also including examples from other periods so as to show the full picture, is displayed in this gallery arranged in chronological order. Endeavour will be made to show pieces that it has not been possible to exhibit on this occasion at future thematic exhibitions from time to time, shedding light on this exciting aspect of Anatolian cultural history.

Kozbekçi Mustafa Ağa

Kozbekçi Mustafa Ağa

When Karl XII of Sweden was defeated by Tsar Peter the Great of Russia in 1709, he fled to the Ottoman Empire and settled in Bender with his entourage for five years.

Barbara Kruger’s Practice on Power,  Capitalism, Identity, and Gender

Barbara Kruger’s Practice on Power, Capitalism, Identity, and Gender

A closer look at the life and works of the artist Barbara Kruger, who is represented with two striking works in the exhibition And Now The Good News, a selection of works from the Nobel Collection.

A Photographer’s Biography Guillaume Berggren

A Photographer’s Biography Guillaume Berggren

Berggren acquires the techniques of photography in Berlin and holds different jobs in various European cities before arriving in İstanbul. Initially en route to Marseille, he disembarks from his ship in 1866 and settles in İstanbul, where he is to spend the rest of his life.