Etel Adnan: Writing for Music
Gavin Bryars, Serhan Ada

Online Talk

June 24, 2021 / 16:00

Pera Museum organizes a series of online talks as part of “Impossible Homecoming”, a retrospective exhibition of artist and poet Etel Adnan, whose life spanned nearly a century. In the second event of the series, Gavin Bryars and Serhan Ada will have an online conversation about Adnan's relationship with literature and music.  

British composer and musician Gavin Bryars, who is the creator of Adnan Songbook that brings together eight poems, will talk about his deep connection to Adnan’s writing and their collaborative projects in literature and music. Bryars will be accompanied by the exhibition’s co-curator Serhan Ada, who has studied Etel Adnan through her writings as much as her paintings and who has translated The Arab Apocalypse, one of Adnan’s most treasured works, and three valuable prose texts into Turkish for an upcoming compilation book.

The Zoom talk will be in English with simultaneous Turkish translation. Reservation is required.

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The Search for Form

The Search for Form

A series of small and rather similar nudes Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu and Eren Eyüboğlu produced in the early 1930s almost resemble a ‘visual conversation’ that focus on a pictorial search. It is also possible to find the visual reflections of this earlier search in the synthesis Bedri Rahmi Eyüboğlu reached with his stylistic abstractions in the 1950s.

Shaping Forms  The Migrant Body / Shaping Ideologies

Shaping Forms The Migrant Body / Shaping Ideologies

Constituting the entirety of all the perceived aspects of an object creating their own order, form not only contains visual elements and characteristics, but can also help elucidate concepts. 

Giacometti: Early Works

Giacometti: Early Works

Organized in collaboration with the Giacometti Foundation, Paris, the exhibition explores Giacometti’s prolific life, most of which the artist led in his studio in Montparnasse, through the works of his early period as well his late work, including one unfinished piece. Devoted to Giacometti’s early works, the first part of the exhibition demonstrates the influence of Giovanni Giacometti, the father of the artist and a Swiss Post-Impressionist painter himself, on Giacometti’s output during these years and his role in his son’s development.